Threader earrings, 14k gold filled thread stud stud dangle drop, hook, combi, 2 piercings, set of two connected earrings

Einfädler Ohrringe, 14k gold gefüllt Gewinde Thread Stud baumeln Tropfen, Haken, Kombi, 2 Piercings, Set aus zwei verbundenen Ohrringe Dainty 14k gold fill threader earrings and stud-drop combination. The chain of the threaded rod earring is connected to the ear… Continue Reading

Connected earrings, Huggies Hoop gold & crescent moon zircon, cz diamonds, double piercings together, 14k gold filled chain, combo two (2)

Boucles d’oreilles connectés, or Huggies Hoop & zircon croissant de lune, diamants cz, double-piercings ensemble, 14 k or rempli chaîne, combo deux (2) Delicate set of two connected earrings. A section of the filled 14k gold chain links the Creole… Continue Reading